Chinese porcelain coffee cups, known for their historical significance and fine craftsmanship, are integral to our coffee rituals. The art of porcelain, which began in China's Tang Dynasty, peaked in the Ming Dynasty, symbolizing luxury and refinement.

The creation of these cups involves careful selection of clay, shaping, and high-temperature firing. The cups are often adorned with intricate hand-painted designs inspired by nature, making them miniature works of art.

These cups not only add elegance to our coffee-drinking experience but also connect us to a rich cultural heritage. They carry the legacy of centuries of porcelain craftsmanship and reflect China's artistic traditions.

Drinking coffee from a porcelain cup enhances the sensory experience, as the material retains heat and the delicate rim enhances the flavors and aromas. The cups' visual appeal, weight, and feel add sophistication to the coffee-drinking ritual.

In essence, porcelain coffee cups from China serve as a means of preserving cultural traditions, creating connections, and enhancing our appreciation of coffee.

Chinese porcelain tea cups with lids go to the world

The porcelain tableware used at the 2014 APEC summit banquet was made by Gaochun Ceramics. The 68-piece set, made from "Imperial Yellow" enamel porcelain, created an atmosphere of Chinese elegance and ceremony.

This year's APEC summit was special for the people of Gaochun, as they were involved in the event. On the evening of November 10, 2014, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan hosted a state banquet at the Beijing Water Cube for leaders, representatives, and spouses of the 21 member economies attending the summit. The tableware used at the banquet was the "Wanfu You Tong" series made by Gaochun Ceramics.

After a successful trial meal at the Beijing Water Cube on November 4, 2014, Gaochun Ceramics held a press conference the next day. Many national and provincial media outlets visited Jiangsu Gaochun Cultural Development Co., Ltd. to learn about Gaochun Ceramics.

Since the 1980s, Gaochun Ceramics has been a major exporter of stoneware tableware, becoming a significant contributor to Jiangsu's ceramics industry. Since the 1990s, the company has stood out in the industry and has been at the forefront of the national ceramics industry for over a decade in terms of overall economic benefits.

In 2005, Gaochun Ceramics began investing in a 120-acre ceramics cultural and creative industrial park, which was put into use in 2007. It includes 12 specialized design studios and creative companies, including the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 2008, the park was awarded the title of "China Ceramic Culture Creative Industry Demonstration Base" by the China Ceramic Craft Association.


Regarding the honor of being the exclusive supplier of tableware for the APEC summit banquet, Wang Guifu, General Manager of Jiangsu Gaochun Cultural Development Co., Ltd., said: "Gaochun Ceramics is a rising star in China's ceramics industry. Through nearly 50 years of unremitting efforts, we have built our own brand, boldly reformed the process, and innovated to carve out a new path in the ceramics industry."

The selection process for the APEC summit banquet tableware was very strict. Gaochun Ceramics was selected over several famous domestic ceramic companies, including one from Jingdezhen. The design and development process involved repeated modifications and trials before it was successful. The raw materials used were high-quality natural materials, and the products were made using high-temperature bisque firing and low-temperature glaze firing techniques. The products are white, dense, translucent, and glossy, with better strength and thermal stability than traditional bone china.

The "Wanfu You Tong" series is designed to be both national and global. It uses heavy decorative colors, recombines traditional structures, and emphasizes solemn elegance and ceremony. The process uses China's ancient enamel firing method, and more than 60,000 pieces were sent to Beijing. Wang Guifu confidently stated that in the next stage, Gaochun will continue to focus on creative design work, closely integrate with precision technology processing, highlight cultural inheritance and innovation, and soon realize - Gaochun products "Made in China, Known Worldwide"! When that day comes, we Gaochun people will be even more proud!

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