Soup, a universally loved meal, is best enjoyed in a home china porcelain soup bowl, which combines beauty and functionality.

Porcelain soup bowls, made from kaolin, feldspar, and quartz, are known for their delicate beauty and durability. They come in various styles and designs, from classic to modern, fitting any kitchen decor.

Non-porous, odor-resistant porcelain bowls are ideal for hot soups and are easy to maintain. When selecting one, consider the bowl's size for different soup types, design to match your decor, quality, and features like comfort, microwave safety, and extras like spoons or lids.

In conclusion, home china porcelain soup bowls, with their elegance and practicality, are a great addition to any kitchen, enhancing the soup-eating experience.

How to Choose a High-Quality Porcelain Soup Bowl with Handle

Nowadays, every household can't do without bowls and dishes, which are essential kitchen utensils. Whether you are stir-frying or stewing soup, you can't do without bowls and chopsticks. Now, most of them are ceramic bowls. The baking technology of different materials is also different. So, how to choose ceramic bowls?

I. Can ceramic bowls be put in the oven?

Ceramic bowls can be put in the oven, but they must be made of high-quality kaolin, which is non-toxic at high temperatures. However, one point to note is that if the ceramic bowl is cold, it cannot be put in immediately, as it is prone to cracking. Also, bowls with patterns, colors, and metallic edges should not be put in.


II. How to choose a ceramic bowl?

  1. Look at the color of the ceramic bowl

Good ceramic bowls are usually bright inside, with patterns and designs, and are finely crafted. Poor bowls are generally dull in color.

  1. Listen to the sound

A good ceramic bowl will make a crisp sound when knocked. A poor ceramic bowl will not make such a crisp sound.

  1. Look at the cracks in the bowl

Carefully check whether there are cracks inside the bowl. If there are tiny cracks in the bowl, don't buy it.

  1. Look at the thickness of the bowl wall

Good bowls are usually evenly thick. If the bowl wall is too thin, it is easy to scald your hands. If it is too thick, the weight of the bowl will increase.

III. Recommended brands of ceramic bowls and dishes

  1. Huaguang Ceramics

This set of bowls and dishes is in a Chinese style, quite simple and fresh, and the price is very affordable. It has 80 pieces, and the capacity is quite large. If you like this one, you can choose it.

  1. Lowe

This is a combination set of bowls and dishes, with 58 pieces, which can be heated in a microwave oven. This set is quite simple, and the set meal includes all the essentials for daily life.

  1. Yijia

This set has a pattern, which looks very fresh. It's a Nordic 46-piece set with green patterns. If you like creative designs, you can consider this one. Now all are bowl and dish sets.

  1. Haoya

This set has 60 pieces, with gold edges. It's enough for home use, and the cost performance is relatively high. It's a Nordic gold-edged luxury set. It is made by high-temperature firing, and the gold edge is very beautiful.

  1. Yuquan

This is a Chinese-style set of bowls and dishes, with 30 pieces. It's as warm and smooth as jade, and is a fresh set of bowls and dishes. The porcelain is like jade, thin and transparent, safe and reliable, and made by high-temperature firing.

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