Recently, the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Copyright Bureau, Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics jointly issued a notice announcing the list of key cultivation projects for the industrial transformation of excellent copyright works in Jiangsu Province in 2022. A total of 123 projects were recommended by various departments and units, and after qualification review, preliminary project review, expert review, credit assessment, re-review, and public announcement, 29 projects were identified as key cultivation projects for the industrial transformation of excellent copyright works in Jiangsu Province in 2022. Among them, the cultural and creative product transformation project "Shengshi Tongchun" and others by Gaochun Ceramics were successfully selected!

"Shengshi Tongchun" and other ceramic works, created by Gaochun Ceramics, incorporate the concept of Oriental ceramic aesthetics throughout the creation process. They are committed to the research of Chinese ceramic art and use unique designs to introduce the grand Chinese style into their products.

2014 APEC Welcome Dinner

About Gaochun Ceramics

Gaochun Ceramics is a leading company in the field of ceramic culture in China. The company was established in 1958 and developed into a backbone and well-known enterprise for ceramic exports in China in the late 1980s. Since the 21st century, it has gradually developed into a leading company in the field of ceramic culture in China, a demonstration base for the Chinese ceramic culture creative industry, a key cultural industry demonstration base in Jiangsu Province, and a cultural technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Gaochun Ceramic Design Center has been rated as a 'National Industrial Design Center'

Gaochun Ceramics is a national brand of Chinese ceramic culture. Since 2014, Gaochun Ceramics has provided banquet ceramics for the Shanghai Asian Trust Summit, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Wuzhen World Internet Conference reception dinner, and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, among others. It exclusively produced the ceramics for the Beijing 2014 APEC Summit reception dinner (Water Cube), the 2017 and 2019 Beijing "Belt and Road" Summit leaders' luncheon ceramics, "China-Africa Cooperation Forum" ceramics, Shanghai Import Expo ceramics, and the ceramic gifts for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Central People's Government in Inner Mongolia and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Ningxia Autonomous Region. It has become a leading enterprise in contemporary large-scale banquet ceramics and a national brand of Chinese ceramic culture.

China's First Ceramic Enterprise Museum

In the past two years, Gaochun Ceramics has undertaken 138 industrial design projects, completed and implemented 115 industrialization projects, and formed 439 patents, including 9 invention patents.

Pottery Garden DIY Works

The company has successively won the National Industrial Design Center, Provincial Industrial Design Center, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Ceramic Engineering Technology Research Center, National Postdoctoral Workstation, and many products have won national and provincial art and industrial design awards.

Craftsmen in the workshop

The beauty of ceramics carries the ancient charm of a thousand years. Gaochun Ceramics has always adhered to the original intention of "enriching healthy life", striving for perfection, continuous innovation, and actively promoting the development of the ceramic industry, showing the new charm of contemporary Chinese ceramics, and striving to bring high-quality, healthy and fashionable ceramic products into thousands of households! They are striving to make Chinese ceramics influence the world again!

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