Ever mused on the dishwasher-safety of your resplendent porcelain china? The allure of a dishwasher's convenience is undeniable, yet the thought of entrusting our cherished china to it often gives us pause. In this discourse, we embark on a journey into the domain of porcelain and dishwashers, probing the potential harmony between the two. Let's unravel this enigma together!

Understanding the Mechanism of Dishwashers

Dishwashers perform their cleansing magic by showering dishes with heated water and detergent. The operation commences with a preliminary rinse to eliminate loose food remnants. Subsequently, the primary wash cycle takes over, escalating the water temperature to approximately 140-145°F. Finally, the dishes undergo a rinse and dry cycle.
Dishwasher’s Impact on Dishes: While dishwashers excel in the upkeep of daily-use plates and glasses, they may wreak havoc on delicate items such as fine china or crystal. The heated temperatures and robust water jets may inflict chips, cracks or discoloration.
Weighing the Pros and Cons: Dishwashers are colossal time-savers and arguably more hygienic due to their use of hotter water than that used for hand-washing. They also champion water efficiency. Yet, they carry a hefty price tag, not all dishes are compatible with them, and they demand regular upkeep to avert issues like blockages or leaks.

The Dishwasher-Safety of Porcelain China

As per the American Ceramic Society's findings, porcelain china can withstand a dishwasher, but the type of adorning used on the china is a determining factor. China pieces adorned with metallic paint or if the embellishment is atop the glaze (perceptible when you skim your hand over the surface), are best manually washed to stave off damage. Contrastingly, if the embellishment is beneath the glaze (imperceptible when you skim your hand over the surface), they should fare well in a dishwasher.

Source: American Ceramic Society (https://ceramics.org/)

Do bear in mind that despite the American Ceramic Society being a professional entity in the field, it's prudent to consult the manufacturer's directives for your specific porcelain china.

The Smithsonian Institution presents a case study spotlighting potential mishaps when washing porcelain china in a dishwasher. A 19th-century porcelain china set, adorned with gold leaf, was inadvertently subjected to a dishwasher. The intense heat and potent detergents tarnished the gold leaf and dulled the glaze.

To circumvent such predicaments, the Smithsonian Institution Conservation Lab proffers the following guidelines for dishwasher-washing porcelain china:

Ensure china is dishwasher-safe as per the manufacturer's confirmation.
Steer clear of high heat and harsh detergents; opt for a gentle cycle and mild detergent.
Avoid cramming the dishwasher; ensure items have sufficient space to prevent collision during the cycle.
Never subject china with gold or silver adornments to a dishwasher.
Source: Smithsonian Institution Conservation Lab (https://www.si.edu/mci/english/learn_more/taking_care/china.html)

Remember, erring on the side of caution and opting for hand washing your porcelain china is always the safer bet.


In conclusion

So, is it safe to slip your porcelain china into the dishwasher? The answer is, it depends. While some porcelain china can weather the storm of heat and pressure, others, particularly those with delicate adornments, are better suited to a tender hand wash.

Golden Rule: Prioritize checking the manufacturer's instructions when cleaning your porcelain china. When in doubt, or if your china boasts metallic adornments, err on the side of caution and hand wash. Keep in mind, a smidgen of extra care can prolong the splendor of your china.
Peering into the Future: In the foreseeable future, we might witness breakthroughs in dishwasher technology that render them safer for delicate items like porcelain china. Envision dishwashers with settings tailored for fine china, or even intelligent dishwashers that adapt their settings based on their contents. The future of dishwashing might be more promising (and spotless) than we anticipate!

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