Ceramics is the origin of people's manual labor, the development of ceramic craftsmanship is with the accumulation of experience of the craftsmen. History Shen accumulation, Gaochun Porcelain craftsmen have created ceramics "white as jade, thin as paper, bright as a mirror, sound like a chime" of the four characteristics. These features are derived from the following characteristics of its ceramic craftsmanship:

Unique characteristics of porcelain

Gaochun Porcelain to the local neighborhood of porcelain stone and kaolin as the basic raw materials for porcelain, porcelain stone containing iron dioxide amount of iron dioxide generally about 0.6%, the amount of iron dioxide content in kaolin generally about 1%. Due to the past there is no more effective means of iron removal, and Fe, O, is a strong coloring agent, as long as the blanks contain 0.8% of iron trioxide is enough to make the formation of porcelain brownish-yellow color. In the reducing atmosphere of three iron oxide ferrous oxide, ferrous oxide at high temperatures and silicon dioxide to generate green ferrous silicate glass phase, so that the porcelain has a certain "white in the green" characteristics. Gaochun Chai kiln's special structure, but also decided to need to burn a thicker reduction atmosphere to ensure that the porcelain fired when the role of reduction. At present, Gaochun ceramics firing to the tunnel kiln, tunnel kiln and oil kiln, but whether it is a coal kiln or oil kiln, the control of the reduction atmosphere are generally thicker. Most of the tunnel kiln reduction atmosphere in the CO content is greater than 4%, some as high as 7% ~ 9%, in short, Gaochun Porcelain which is suitable for heavy reduction atmosphere and weak reduction atmosphere in order to burn out the traditional characteristics of porcelain.

Porcelain stone used by type

Due to the production, weathering and parent rock types of differences, different regions and even the same region of different mines produced porcelain stone, its chemical composition often has a big difference. Generally speaking, the iron content of 0.5% ~ 1% of this is suitable for the manufacture of fine white porcelain; 1% ~ 3% of this is suitable for the manufacture of celadon; 3% ~ 8% of this is suitable for the manufacture of black porcelain, potassium oxide, sodium oxide content of low for the production of tires; potassium oxide, sodium oxide content of high for the production of glaze.

Unique kiln structure and firing technology

Southern China's traditional ceramics can be divided into three categories: dragon kiln (tilting tunnel kiln), step kiln (tilting cold-bottomed multi-chamber kiln) and the town kiln (flat-flame kiln). Zhen kiln for the traditional kilns in China's unique style of kiln. Its firing chamber type is a big head and a small long oval, near the door of the kiln at the wide and high, near the chimney is gradually narrow and short, so there is a "duck egg kiln," the name of the whole length of about 15 m ~ 20 m, with a volume of 300 cubic meters ~ 400 cubic meters, is to pine firewood as fuel, long flame and less ash, because it does not contain sulfur or very little, which is suitable for burning reduction flame. This is suitable for burning reduction flame, for white porcelain, blue and white porcelain, color glaze porcelain and other traditional porcelain glaze coloring effect is good, can be mounted high fire, medium fire, low fire porcelain billet. Because the kiln cavity is relatively high (maximum height of not more than 6 meters), easy to mount the firing of large products, which is suitable for the conditions of multi-product production. Therefore, the kiln (also known as wood kiln in Jingdezhen) unit kilograms of porcelain fuel consumption is small. In addition, its structure is single, kiln construction speed, infrastructure costs less, large production, fast turnaround time, can be quickly fired and quickly cooled, which should be near Jingdezhen porcelain raw materials and porcelain characteristics of the traditional style. For some kilns in the south, in the control of firing atmosphere and porcelain quality, as well as fuel (pine firewood) consumption, etc., kilns are better than the dragon kiln, kilns and inverted flame kilns and other kilns.

Collaborative production according to process requirements

Gaochun Porcelain was founded in 1958, covers an area of about 720,000 square meters, now has about 1600 employees, mainly engaged in tea sets. The main business is tea sets, tableware, handicrafts and customized products. Crafts and customized products industry, the workshop has a total of 30 production lines, with a monthly output of about 30,000 pieces of products for the service industry, hospitality industry, the hotel industry, etc., which mainly produces bone china, trouble porcelain, kiln change glaze, alabaster and other series of products, selling well in the international market for more than 40 years, is the national household ceramics production enterprises, exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

With an annual output of 8 million pieces of high-grade bone china production line, the industry's "National 12th Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Research Project One high-quality ceramic products demonstration production line" was awarded the "China Ceramics Industry Outstanding Enterprise" and "China Ceramics Industry Famous Brand", is a national industrial design center, ceramic industry famous brand products, with more than 200 honors, more than 1,000 awards. Ceramics industry brand-name products", is a national industrial design center, ceramic industry brand-name products, sitting on more than 200 honors, more than 1,000 awards.

  • The company has leading domestic and international advanced process equipment.
  • High-end bone china production adopts Japan's fully automatic production line, from feeding, molding, demolding, drying, repairing and washing are all completed automatically; kiln adopts the international first-class design, its temperature, pressure, all to achieve automatic control of the computer, to ensure the stability of the sintering.
  • The company vigorously introduce domestic and foreign first-class ceramic creative design resources. Introduced major art school team, vigorously cultivate the company's creative design talent. Has a wealth of design experience, the rapid realization of customer care needs.
  • Has the international advanced atomic absorption instrument and other advanced equipment, 40 years to export the international market nearly 2 billion pieces of ceramic tableware all in line with international standards and standards of the importing country, for the State Department of Commerce and Inspection of export inspection of a class of enterprises.
  • Large square footage warehouse with standardized storage methods to strongly protect the customer's supply needs.
  • Pursuing long-term cooperation, quickly solve any problem encountered by the customer, win-win cooperation.

After more than 60 years of classic heritage and continuous innovation, Gaochun Porcelain from a handmade workshop developed into a contemporary national ceramics leading enterprises, to a certain extent on behalf of China's ceramic industry in the new China after the establishment of the restoration of the 80s of the twentieth century to the development of an export-oriented economy as well as the 21st century to promote the development of high-quality historical trajectory, has an outstanding historical value and a good demonstrative.

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