Danube is the second longest river in Europe, is praised as the "blue Danube", like a blue ribbon winding in the European land, gorgeous dreamy Danube from Vienna slowly through the vast forests will be Vienna in the arms of the mountains and water through a magical attraction. This set of tableware combines European design style and the inspiration of the Danube, colorful, elegant and gorgeous. Each piece of dishware is carefully crafted, not only for everyday dining, but also for special occasions to add atmosphere, to bring you a pleasant dining experience.

Price Range$6-$59
Is this a giftno
applicable targetadult
Product Categorybowls
Microwave Ovenusability
Style Typeoccident
Add Logopossible
Customized processingpossible
Craftsunderglaze color

Secure Choice, Health, and Environmental Care

Dissolved lead and cadmium have been tested by international organizations, which makes it more reliable to use.

Glazed surface for easy cleaning

Thick porcelain is resistant to bumps and durability

A layer of glaze on the surface, warm and delicate, easy to clean and clean up.

Applicable Scenarios

4.5/4.8 inch small bowl

One-handed rice bowl, suitable size

6-inch bowl

Suitable for daily use, suitable for noodle bowl, salad bowl capacity

7-inch/9-inch bowl

Large Capacity Soup Bowl

Suitable for home use, can be used to serve soup,

Tossed with pasta or fruit

8.5-inch/11-inch flat tray

Can be used to serve steak pasta, fruit, etc.

8-inch soup plate

It's a little deeper.

Dishes that can be filled with some stock


Ideal for milk and beverages

Detailed Display

Antique Reliefs

Classic Embossed Design

Elegant and classic

Non-slip bottom

For non-slip considerations

Unglazed bottom

easy cleaning

Smooth and tight glaze

Durable and non-greasy

  1. Products are hand-measured there are 3-5mm error.
  2. Ceramics are handmade products, there will inevitably be small defects, small black spots, small air bubbles, the product edge will be flowing glaze, hand glaze uneven phenomenon, are normal, does not affect the use of the mind, be careful to shoot.


The exquisite clay is first fired at 1050 degrees, then glazed at 1250 degrees after coloring, which is a healthy ceramic with high temperature firing. The surface is solid and dense, no lead, cadmium and other heavy metals dissolved, and no biochemical reaction with food.

Kiln change mainly refers to porcelain in the firing process, due to the kiln temperature changes in the unexpected glaze color effect, give chance, glaze form special, so it is called “kiln change glaze”.

  • Ceramics are fragile, so please be careful with them and do not recommend any sudden cooling or heating.
  • All ceramic products and metal and other sharp objects scratch, will produce scratches, if accidentally scratched available baking soda or vinegar can be added to warm water immersion cleaning, or toothpaste polishing, and a new look.
  • It is not recommended to use steel ball cleaning, porcelain surface has a layer of glaze, easy to clean more quickly and correctly used, can increase the life of the tableware.
  • Ceramic products, firing process there are local small concave holes, small black spots as a normal phenomenon does not affect the aesthetics and use.

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