Ceramics china tea sets, with their rich history and intricate craftsmanship, play a significant role in the global tea culture. Originating in China during the Tang Dynasty, these tea sets became popular due to their delicate porcelain and fine craftsmanship, making them luxury items worldwide.

Creating a ceramics china tea set involves selecting high-quality clay, molding it into various components, and firing at high temperatures. The sets are often adorned with intricate hand-painted designs, reflecting the cultural heritage associated with tea.

These tea sets are more than just vessels for tea; they symbolize refinement, hospitality, and tea appreciation. Each element, from the teapot to the teacups and tray, enhances the tea-drinking experience.

The art of tea enjoyment is closely tied to these tea sets. Every detail, from water temperature to brewing time, is carefully controlled, making tea-drinking a sensory experience that invites tranquility and contemplation.

In essence, ceramics china tea sets are cherished for their beauty, the memories they evoke, and the traditions they represent.

Gaochun Ceramic Tea Set with Tray Featured at 'Belt and Road' Summit Banquet

The second "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit was held in Beijing, attended by heads of state and government from 37 countries, and nearly 5000 foreign guests from over 150 countries and 90 international organizations. During this significant diplomatic event, the state banquet was an important opportunity to appreciate Chinese culture. One of the highlights of the banquet was the "Silk Road Banquet" lunch porcelain set, made by Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd. Its high-end quality, beautiful design, and elegant style attracted the attention of heads of state.

This was not the first time Gaochun Ceramics had been featured at the "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit. The "Silk Road Banquet" made its debut at the first summit in 2017. Wang Guifu, Deputy General Manager of Gaochun Ceramics, stated that being chosen twice as the banquet porcelain for the summit represents industry recognition of Gaochun Ceramics products and affirms their commitment to preserving craftsmanship and revitalizing the Chinese ceramics industry.

Founded in 1958, Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of Outstanding Enterprise in the Chinese Ceramics Industry for five consecutive terms. It has also been recognized as a National Export Quality Safety Demonstration Enterprise, a National Key Cultural Export Enterprise, and one of China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises.

With a commitment to excellence, Gaochun Ceramics integrates traditional Chinese culture and continuous innovation. It has been entrusted with the design and production of state banquet porcelain for many important occasions, including the 2014 Beijing APEC Summit, the 2014 Shanghai CICA Summit, the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the 2015 Wuzhen World Internet Conference, the 2017 Beijing Yanqi Lake "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit, and the 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum. These appearances have been highly praised by leaders and guests from various countries and have attracted significant media attention.

The "Silk Road Banquet" porcelain set incorporates elements of Tang Dynasty culture and combines high-temperature colored glaze, enamel color, and hand-gilded techniques. It embodies the spirit of the "Belt and Road" initiative, which emphasizes "peace, exchange, understanding, inclusiveness, cooperation, and win-win", and conveys the confidence of Chinese culture.

According to Lan Ting, Design Director of Gaochun Ceramics, the "Silk Road Banquet" porcelain set was adjusted in shape and color to meet the special requirements of this banquet. The set consists of 66 pieces of porcelain, with precise dimensions. The overall color scheme combines fresh blue and white, aiming for an elegant and refined style. The largest and most eye-catching piece of the set is a round display plate with an octagonal lid, symbolizing the Chinese philosophy of completeness and peace, and expressing China's sincere hospitality.

Gaochun Ceramics has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship in its 61-year history. In recent years, a trend of traditional cultural revival has emerged, with an increasing demand for ceramics that are both traditional and modern, and artistic. These ceramics not only vividly represent the revival of Chinese traditional culture but also contribute to the creation of a new cultural environment.

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