Commercial china porcelain dinnerware dealers serve as crucial intermediaries between manufacturers and end-users, supplying a range of porcelain dinnerware to the hospitality industry and private customers. They curate collections of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing pieces, considering factors like porcelain quality, glaze durability, design intricacy, and overall appeal.

These dealers are essential to the hospitality industry, providing dinnerware that enhances dining experiences and reflects brand identities. They understand industry-specific requirements, such as durability and ease of maintenance, and tailor their collections to meet these needs without compromising on elegance.

Successful dealers cultivate strong relationships with porcelain manufacturers, gaining access to exclusive collections and staying updated with the latest trends. They also provide valuable feedback to manufacturers, aiding in the refinement of designs and development of new products.

In essence, commercial china porcelain dinnerware dealers are custodians of a rich artistic legacy, playing a vital role in preserving and promoting the centuries-old art of porcelain craftsmanship.

On the evening of November 10, 2014, at the Beijing APEC Summit banquet, the yellow and white "Prosperous Ruyi" enamel porcelain dinnerware, exclusively produced by Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gaochun Ceramics"), dazzled the attendees. Since then, Gaochun Ceramics has become a household name, appearing at every major state banquet, including two "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summits, the Wuzhen World Internet Conference, two China Import Expos, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, and the Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.


2014 Beijing APEC Summit Dinner Porcelain

Founded in 1958 in Gaochun, Nanjing, Gaochun Ceramics has grown from a small, unknown workshop to a leading enterprise in contemporary Chinese porcelain, earning the title of "Contemporary Official Kiln of China." Over the past 63 years, the company has consistently innovated and adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship, even after becoming the first ceramics company to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003.

Rated as 'China's Contemporary Official Kiln' in 2020

Gaochun Ceramics has been recognized as a specialist in state banquet porcelain since its debut at the 2014 Beijing APEC Summit. The company has exclusively produced state banquet porcelain over ten times and has formed strategic partnerships with the Nanjing Asian Youth Games, the Shanghai CICA Summit, and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

High-tech ceramics

Gaochun Ceramics has always prioritized product quality and innovation, focusing on technical, process, and product innovation. The company has undertaken the only national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Tackling Project - High-Quality Daily-Use Ceramics" in the ceramics industry, and has led the development of China's daily-use ceramics technology. All products meet the strictest international standards, and the company has been the largest supplier of daily-use ceramic tableware in North America for 20 consecutive years.

foreign trade goods

In 2016, Gaochun Ceramics launched a new brand, "Zunshang," bringing enamel porcelain for state banquets into ordinary households. This move not only marked a new chapter in the history of Chinese ceramics but also responded to the growing demand for high-quality lifestyle and national brand spirit among the increasingly affluent Chinese population.

A Corner of the Gaochun Ceramics Workshop

Gaochun Ceramics is one of the only two manufacturers in China capable of producing enamel porcelain. The company has improved the traditional enamel formula and process using modern technology, ensuring stability, higher quality, and compliance with the strictest modern environmental and health standards. The APEC state banquet porcelain "Prosperous Ruyi" combines enamel with daily-use porcelain, bringing state banquet porcelain to ordinary people's dining tables, which is a future development trend for Gaochun Ceramics.

Porcelain used for the luncheon at the 'Belt and Road Summit Forum'

In every major national diplomatic event and international cultural exchange, Gaochun Ceramics, as a national business card shining in the world, constantly demonstrates China's cultural confidence and the world's porcelain-making standards. The title of "Contemporary Official Kiln of China" is well-deserved for Gaochun Ceramics.

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